Search Process

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Step 01

Client Meeting – Research – Sourcing

This is the step where we find out how we can help, how we should do it, and who to look for.

Happy businessmen shaking hands on a meeting in the office.

Detailed Discussion

Our team and the client map out the position, candidate requirements, company selling strategy, and industry analysis. A search timetable is developed with milestones and delivery dates from The Bartlett Group.


Position Description

Our team will prepare and submit a detailed position description and target list of competitors. These documents will serve as the foundation of our search.


Research & Sourcing

Research and sourcing are initiated immediately and are typically completed within seven business days. This is comprised of three segments:


Identifying potential candidates from targeted companies.

Online Recruiting:

Sourcing and retrieving potential candidates from websites, affiliations and user groups.

Industry Networking:

Drawing upon our wide range of contacts and sources from our database and industry experts.

Step 02

Candidate Development

At this step, we go ahead and identify the ideal prospects, expand our canvas, and segment based on the desired criteria.

Business people signing a contract.


Through extensive recruitment calls into our research and sourcing segments, potential candidates are identified.


Broader Horizons

Our accelerated recruiting methodology during the second and third weeks of the search lets us canvas a larger segment of possible candidates in a shorter period of time.


First-hand Communication

The advantage of having a personalized search allows the same individual, who has met with the client, to deliver that message first-hand to potential candidates.



A status report is presented at the end of the second week to provide the client with market analysis of the quantity, quality, compensation and availability of the potential candidates.

Step 03

Candidate Presentation – Client Interviews

At this point, our clients can expect interviews to be scheduled with the ideal profile candidates.

We hope to see you on Monday

On-going Search

Our team will continue to source potential candidates to determine their experience, ability, and style. Our first slate of candidates is selected from these meetings.


Candidate Review

A client meeting to review candidates and the search process is conducted after 30 days from the start of the search.



First-round interviews are scheduled with the client.



Recruiting and candidate development continue until search completion.

Step 04

Second Round Interviews – Offer Negotiations

This is where the hiring process continues with in-depth interviews and the prospect executives.

Good deal. Two business people shaking hands while sitting at the working place.

Only the Best

Further rounds of interviews continue with top candidates.


Offer Consulting

Our in-depth third-party consulting and analysis of the candidate/client relationship includes interview feedback, offer negotiations, and candidate closure.


Assurance Checks

Our team and client conduct extensive reference checks on our final candidates.



Upon the successful competition of the search, we continue feedback and status for both the candidate and client to ensure a smooth transition within a new environment.